Struggling to setup your WiFi Kit?

Watch the WiFi Kit V1 setup video below

In this video, learn how to catch any external WIFI signal and boost it at full strength hassle free with our KUMA WIFI package that offers a complete solution. Whether you are in caravan, motorhome or canal boat, Caravan WIFI router setup helps you create your own secure wireless network while sharing the boosted connection with up to 5 devices. “Unboxing caravan wifi kit” explains how Kuma WIFI receiver for caravans can find any available Wifi network up to 1.5km range and the KUMA repeater then rebroadcasts it to inside your caravan, boat, horsebox or motorhome. Providing motorhomewifi with ease

Forgotten the password for your Kuma Router?

Click below to watch how to reset your Kuma Router

If you have forgotten your router password or you are having problems with your router we would first recommend factory resetting the router as shown in this video.

After resetting the router make sure you ‘Forget network’ by right-clicking on the router name in your list of connections, then click ‘Forget Network’

Trying to connect to a campsite/marina with a Login Page?
Trying to connect to a BT Fon with a Login Page?

If you are on a campsite which has a login page which you cannot reach or you are trying to login to a BT Fon access point and the login screen won’t appear on your device you may need to change your IP Address settings we will show you how to do this in this video.