Kuma’s position

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the UK government’s position on plastic. Banning straws, pubs complaining. Banning plastic bags, supermarkets complaining. The list goes on.

Kuma has decided to make a move and act before the rest. We’ve spent a lot of time and a huge amount of money removing all single-use packaging from our product range. We’re delighted to have just landed the penultimate product – video opposite, with the final item on the sea as we speak, due to arrive in a few weeks.

We had factories telling us we were “wasting our money” and PR people telling us we were “wasting our time” (not OUR PR people by the way!), but we’ve done it and we’re proud of it.

You decide as ever as the consumer but in the meantime you can shop at Kuma safe in the knowledge that we’re trying – hard!