Kuma Cosmos 12v 24v / 12 volt Magnetic Base Digital Omni-Directional TV Aerial Antenna


Kuma Cosmos 12v 24v /12-volt Digital TV MagBase Aerial Antenna Omni-Directional 360⁰ Fix to ANY vehicle - metal, plastic, fibreglass or laminate The perfect 'Touring Aerial'. Ideal for easy fix and removal on any metal vehicle or by using the Kuma MMD (click here to view) to fix this antenna to any caravan, motorhome, boat, [...]

KUMA USB Wireless Adapter Range extender for caravans motorhomes and boats

USB Wireless Adapter  Providing your caravan, boat or lorry with at least twice as many long-range WiFi connections – Use with your laptop to share your internet connection across devices – iPads, tablets, smartphones and other laptops and computers can all share the new, improved internet connection Are you fed up with not being able [...]

Kuma 20″ J – Pole Mount


20″ x 1″ Diameter J-Pole Mount for Kuma WiFi Antenna Product Description This 20″ J-Pole Mount has a 1-inch diameter and is designed for mounting antennas and aerials where a robust, lightweight mount is required but can easily be removed in seconds Perfect for mounting our WiFi adapter included in the Kuma Caravan and Motorhome [...]

Regulated 12/24 Volt Power Supply for TVs etc

12/24 Volt DC/DC converter, cigarette/cigar lighter plug – 5.5 x 2.1 jack plug These leads are manufactured to the highest quality, and have a fused (at 6 amps) tip and a 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm plug on the other end. Ideal for powering your 12 volt television, satellite system or Satnav etc, with a [...]