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Kuma Matrix 12v 24v /12-volt Digital TV MagBase Aerial Antenna Omni-Directional 360⁰

Fix to ANY vehicle – metal, plastic, fibreglass or laminate

The perfect ‘Touring Aerial’. Ideal for easy fix and removal on any metal vehicle or by using the Kuma MMD (click here to view) to fix this antenna to any caravan, motorhome, boat, truck or horsebox. For the screw base version click here

The Kuma Matrix Digital TV Omni-Directional Antenna – with our latest high-performance aerial locating a signal couldn’t be easier. The Matrix can be used either as a permanent fixture or portable with its lightweight frame making it ideal for touring. The aerial is just right for fixing either to a boat, caravan, truck, canal boat, yacht or motorhome – making it the perfect solution.

Within this technical design brought to you by KUMA, the Matrix also helps eliminate the need to locate the direction of your local TV and radio transmitter. Both analogue, digital and radio signals can be found effectively due to the system having a built-in high gain level. The Kuma caravan antenna also features a reliable signal amplifier as well as high receiver sensitivity.

In addition to the 12/24v booster, the Kuma Matrix motorhome TV Aerial comes 5M of cable to make installation quick and easy.

Comes with a full two-year manufacturers warranty.

Electrical Specification
1. Frequency Band: VHF, UHF
2. Frequency: VHF:174~233MHz, UHF: 470~870MHz
3. Gain: 20±2dBi
4. Working Voltage: 10~24V
5. Impedance: 75ohm
6. Radiation Pattern: Omni-directional
7. Coax Cable: 3C-2V, L=4 m
8. Connector: PAL-Male
9. Material: Copper, aluminium and plastic

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Matrix Magnetic Antenna
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