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Boost Caravan WiFi, Motorhome WiFi and Canal boat WiFi with ease. An all-in-one internet solution for your garden office or summerhouse

The Kuma WiFi package is a complete solution to pick up and boost an external wireless signal and repeat it at full strength. This allows you to create your own secure wireless network in your caravan, motorhome, garden office, static caravan or canal boat and share the boosted connection with all your devices. Everything you need to boost and share a WiFi connection is included.

Connect your laptop, tablet, phone, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku TV stick and any other WiFi device directly to our kit – exactly the same as you would at home

Connect our kit to a wifi connection up to a mile away, then connect your devices to the Kuma kit – it’s that simple.

The system is compatible with any device which is WiFi enabled, even if it does not have a USB port. You can connect your laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone or Kindle all at the same time!  There are no disks or drivers to install on your devices and no wires between you and the system. If your caravan site charges per device then you will save money instantly if 2 devices connect, (a smartphone and an iPad for example), as the Kuma WiFi Kit will only be seen once by the caravan site router.

Kuma Wifi Wireless Hotspot Package In Use

The package consists of two main components – The Kuma High-Powered Long Range Directional WiFi Antenna which will pick up any available WiFi network as far away as 1.5km and the Kuma Wireless Repeater which will enable you to rebroadcast this boosted signal.  Also included is a 5m USB cable to connect the antenna with the receiver, mounting kit, as well as 12v  DC and 230v AC power supplies. Remember our system uses a high power directional antenna – this can take a few seconds longer to set up than an omnidirectional antenna but will provide much better results, as you have to transmit to the internet as well as receive when you click your mouse or screen. This is why directional antennas win every time.

To set up – Simply point the directional antenna at the park, house etc wifi signal, enter the password if there is one using a browser on your device, and then all your devices can connect to the external internet connection wirelessly. If your marina canal boat wifi solution is the same, the identical procedure is followed.

If your campsite service charges you ‘per device’, as many do, as you will only need one ‘connection’ for your laptop, phone, iPad etc. No more expensive bills to connect the kids’ smartphones, just pay once to connect the Kuma kit.

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Quick Start Guides:

Click here to download the quick start guide click here

Firmware Update Manual:

Click here to download the latest firmware to ensure your kit is up to date

Kuma WiFi Kit Full Specifications

Includes a 5 meter 2.0 USB lead designed to plug straight from the antenna into the Kuma Router.
Built-in router software security password configuration.
Features a 16 dBi gain antenna and has a 150M transmission speed to boost signal up to 1.5km (equivalent to a mile)
Compatible with Windows ME/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.5-10.8 and all mobile devices.
Includes DHCP for dynamic custom IP configuration.
User-definable application sensing tunnel supports applications requiring multiple connections.
Easy setup and management through web browser interface on any operating system that supports TCP/IP.
Compatible with all popular Internet applications – Windows ME/Vista/7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.5-10.8
Comes with a 2 Year Manufactures Warranty and set up guide.
Kuma Router Dimensions: 10cm x 7.2cm x 2.5cm
Kuma Router Wheight: Unit Only 81g
Power Connections: 12v/240 Volt.

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Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Brian on Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit
Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit

I was amazed how easy it was to set up, it took a matter of minutes. Just follow the "Easy Set Up Guide" What a great product

by Arnie on Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit
Easy and robust

Really easy to set up and worksd 100% fine all over Europe. Really pleased with our last trip and often we just left the antenna on the windowsill inside and it worked brilliantly

by Colin Parry on Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit
Pays for itself

Had my Kuma WIFI for around 4+ years now.
Been to many caravan sites that charge per unit for wifi.
So, I had this and bought two weeks wifi (it had 30 mins free per day) at a site in St Ives Cornwall.
Cost is usually around £10 - £15 per week per device.
I used this KUMA to log in on site.
I could connect 5 devices through this so I then connected Two Ipads, Two IPhones, and because it had direct inputs, I connected our Smart Tv to it through a cable for YouTube, Netflix and NowTV which I had accounts for at home so just logged in to watch them like I would normally.
So all of these for just one device payment. Brilliant.
Took me a bit to set up but got there in the end and the helpline were very friendly and helpful.
I now have the caravan sited as we had to scrap our tow car but it is on the far side of the caravan site and this boosts the signal.
Excellent device and probably even better now after 4 years of updates and improvements. 👍👍👍

by Milko on Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit

Great Piece of Kit, easy to set up, we have a static caravan with no Wifi on site except in the site clubhouse where its free,our caravan is sited about 150 yards from the clubhouse and it picks up the free wifi signal no problem, I did not even have to put the booster outside the caravan to get a signal, it also picks up a whole host of other wifi signals from further away, which keeps the kids occupied on the rainy days when they are stuck inside as it is able to connect 5 devices at once, it even connects my sons xbox live to the net.

I can highly recommend this product

by Recommendations on Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit

This is worth the money. You really do get what you pay for. It solved my 'office down the garden' internet problem. The software is well designed and easily monitors your current status, and the setup is minimal. Mac users have to download a driver which is on Kuma website.

by JohnW on Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit

revisited a site and used this unit for the first time, improvement was excellent, stable, no dropouts and even watched streaming tv via netflix. Previous trips to the same site without the unit and we could hardly get a signal to download email.

by Peter Ridding on Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit
This is a must

This is a must if you like a good internet speed while in your caravan or motorhome.

Great piece of kit would definitely recommend it no problems streaming films etc.

by joanne woodward on Kuma WiFi Hotspot Kit
I like it

Just what we needed for our caravan.