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Kuma 4G Mobile Pocket WiFi Kit with free internet access from Three and our Kuma external antenna.

Kuma and Three bring you instant internet – inside your home garden office, caravan or motorhome.

Simply insert the included Three SIM card and browse. When you have used the free 200MB of data, top-up online using your phone, iPad, laptop or tablet at Three’s amazing rates.

What can I do with 200MB of data?

Data usage is difficult to estimate as it really depends on what you are doing but as a guide, with Kuma’s 200MB of data per month, you should be able to send/receive 1,000 emails (no attachments), send/receive 150 emails with attachments, view around 400 Web pages, put around 50 photos on social media sites or chat for hours using WhatsApp messaging. Going away for a long weekend? This will probably be enough. If you run out, simply top-up with ease on the Three website.

If you already have a SIM card with data or are going to, or live, an area with poor Three coverage, (or arrive on-site and there is no Three coverage), insert any network SIM card and share the internet connection with up to 5 devices – smartphones, tablets, iPads or computers.

The Kuma Antenna and other features

Connect your Amazon Fire Stick, Roku TV stick and any other WiFi device directly to our kit – exactly the same as you would at home

Including a powerful 28dBi Antenna with a 3-meter cable which can work up to with speeds 150Mbps to help improve your signal. The external antenna allows you to take the phone company’s data signal from outside and use the internet inside your caravan, boat, motorhome or truck. Put the antenna in a window, hang outside, it’s truly versatile and comes with sticky pads to allow a permanent mount if required.

Designed perfectly with you in mind, set up in less than 2 minutes with no technical knowledge required, letting our kit do all the work.

No 4G signal in your area? No problem – our kit is backwards compatible with 3G or even down to 2G speeds. This won’t allow you to stream movies, but at least a basic internet connection will keep you in touch with the outside world. The kit also features a long-lasting 1500mAh battery and can be charged via a 2.0 USB cable (supplied), meaning no direct power source is required to use the kit.

Connect up to 5 devices at the same time wirelessly with your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer to our kit. Functions just like your router at home – password protected and has a data counter so you can see how much data you have used.  Weighing 280g it’s perfect when on the go and on holiday in your Caravan, Motorhome or Boat when standard WiFi is not available or slow.

Why choose a Kuma 4G kit? Get outside strength inside your van with the minimum of fuss. Hide the whole kit in a cupboard and connect wirelessly. Perfect solution with ultimate flexibility.  Perfect for use in vehicles such as Caravans, Motorhomes, Trucks and Boats where space is limited and 4G internet is a must-have. Similarly, if you’re having a new garden office, the Kuma 4G kit will add internet to your garden office or summer house instantly with the beauty of being able to use any network that is available.

Kuma offers affordable, reliable internet products that work seamlessly and we are always on hand to help with any technical assistance if required.

Kuma 4G Kit


  • Includes a Three Mobile SIM card bundled with 200MB of data FREE every month. No contract to sign, simply insert, use your free allowance, then top-up when required at Three’s great rates.
  • Already have a SIM which you like? Kuma 4G kit can be used with any SIM – it’s unlocked to any network in the world
  • Connect 5 devices using WiFi – laptops, iPads, phones or tablets.
  • An easy to follow quick start guide no technical knowledge required
  • SIM card adapter included in the box allows use with any SIM on the planet
  • All important outdoor, water-resistant 28dBi Antenna with 3-meter cable
  • Long-lasting 1500mAh Router battery
  • 2.0 USB Charging cable included. Charge in any standard USB outlet – mains or 12v DC

Watch our full product guide here 

Why do you need our Kuma 4G kit? Think you can just use your mobile phone?

Watch what happens when we remove the Kuma Antennas!

Kuma 4G kit with Antenna and Three sim card 3 Sim card with Kuma 4G kit
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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Mike Speers on Kuma
Great Service

I've had my pocket modem now for a couple of years. In the motorhome, it's just great. Twice I've had to contact this company for support and both times they have been very helpful. Thanks.

by Tom Sage on Kuma
Free data useful

Topped up the 3 sim online and got 100GB for £28 - well pleased. Signal good didn't need to use external antenna here but might do if we go to another site

by Dave S on Kuma
All good

Inserted the SIM and registered and our internet worked immediately. Lasted a weekend for free checking emails and wife on FaceBook. Well pleased

by Kate887 on Kuma
Works great in UK and france

Used the Three sim in Britain until we got to France and then although we could have used it there too, we got a great deal with Orange Holiday which connected immediately - highly recommended