With the holiday period coming up, why not get into the festive mood with these activities that celebrate the true spirit of Christmas

It is such a lovely time of year but it can soon pass you by in a whirl of shopping and festive gatherings and parties.

You are never too old to have festive fun in December whether you have children or not.

With Christmas coming up, here are my selections, guaranteed to make you feel ready for Christmas.


December 1

Be a like a big kid and write a letter to Santa. Stick in on your refrigerator, rather than up the chimney, and you might just get what you wish for without having to keep dropping hints!


December 2

Do something to help others – take a few items to a food bank, donate to the local Christmas toy appeal, or help someone have a Christmas dinner by getting involved in our Share Your Lunch initiative.


December 3

It’s the weekend – get all the family together and spend the afternoon putting your Christmas decorations up.


December 4

Turn all the lights out – except the fairy lights – get your festive pj’s on and have a movie marathon.


December 5

Spend an evening getting crafty and making your own Christmas cards for you’r nearest and dearest.


December 6

Put some Christmas songs on and the festive apron, and bake mince pies or Christmas biscuits.


December 7

Make your own Christmas wreath for the front door. You could buy a plain one from the supermarket and just stick on your own ribbons, and berries, using a glue gun or some green pipe cleaners.


December 8

You don’t need to wait until Christmas Day to play board games – switch the telly off for a change, get out all your favorite games and play for chocolates or sweets.


December 9

Make a big batch of homemade mulled wine. Fill a saucepan with a bottle of red wine and add a couple of tablespoons of demerara sugar – or more depending on how sweet you prefer it – a cinnamon stick, a few slices of orange and a sprinkle of nutmeg.


December 10

Have your own party with perhaps karaoke with a playlist full of festive  Christmas hits and number ones.


December 11

Go to a Christmas carol concert and be surprised at how many words you remember all the old carols you used to sing at school.


December 12

Make your Tuesday a bit merrier by treating yourself to a festive hot drink on your lunch break.


December 13

Take the time to do a random act of kindness – it could be as simple as buying a cup of tea for a homeless person or taking some flowers round to an elderly neighbour, but make the effort to do something for someone .


December 14

Go to a Christmas market if one is near and have a giant Bratwurst and a large mug of gluhwein.


December 15

Take a break from late night shopping and go for a spin around the local ice rink. It’s not as hard as you remember and it’s even more magical at this time of the year.


December 16

It’s Christmas Jumper Day, so pull on your best or worst festive knit and DO NOT take it off until bedtime.


December 17

It’s Sunday so go for a cocktail or festive ale, then snuggle up on the sofa for the Strictly Come Dancing final.


December 18

Go for a winter walk with your loved ones. Wrap up warm and a gather up some fern cones and holly sprigs to decorate your home with when you get back.

December 19

Invite your friends and neighbours round for a pre-Christmas drink and mince pies.


December 20

Spend the evening wrapping presents, eating chocolate and watching re-runs of Only Fools and Horses Christmas specials, especially the Batman and Robin one.


December 21

Once it’s gone dark, put your warm winter gear on and wrap up warm and go for a drive around to have a good look at all Christmas lights nearby on peoples houses.


December 22

Bake the Christmas cake and perhaps build a festive gingerbread house. Making it now means you can have it on display on Christmas Day – if you can wait that long before eating it of course.


December 23

The year has nearly come to an end, so spend some time talking with your loved ones about all the good things throughout the year.

Reflect on the good things that have come your way – no matter how big or small.


December 24

Hopefully, all your Christmas preparations are done, so put the fire on and put the stockings out for Santa and a biscuit for the reindeer and a saucer of milk, and listen for the jingle of Santa’s sleigh.


Happy Christmas!