Engines now welcome. 

At what would appear to be great expense and after huge amounts of consultation and deliberation, the Caravan Club launched its new look and feel today. It’s done the one thing that needed to be done and ‘officially’ incorporated motorhomes – at last

Anyone visiting a site anywhere in the country in the last few years would have surely noted the huge increase in motorhomes. From the £5000 eBay bargains to the latest german bank account breakers, they have even been known to outnumber caravans. Great news for the club as a whole – let’s be honest, if you’ve just spent £80,000 on a motorhome, do you really feel ok joining “The Caravan Club”? Possibly not.

So, for better or for worse, The Caravan Club as we all knew it is gone, it would seem, forever.

Who knows how much it cost them to come up with the new colour schemes, logo, name etc but with a possible huge influx of happy motorhome owners, I doubt they’ll regret it.

Good luck to them from Kuma

The new site is here if you want a peek

Caravan and motorhome club