4G on the moon

Posted by Paul on  October 10, 2018

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Well it seems like Vodafone are going to be providing a 4G signal on the moon before they provide one in the Brecon area. Maybe they’re expecting more people on the moon than they are in Brecon in the next few years. Great news if you fancy a quiet walk in the hills and I guess you’re not going to want to be streaming video while you’re there. Also great news if you end up on

Single-use packaging – the future is here

Posted by Paul on  July 13, 2018

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Kuma’s position There’s been a lot of talk recently about the UK government’s position on plastic. Banning straws, pubs complaining. Banning plastic bags, supermarkets complaining. The list goes on. Kuma has decided to make a move and act before the rest. We’ve spent a lot of time and a huge amount of money removing all single-use packaging from our product range. We’re delighted to have just landed the penultimate product – video opposite, with the final

A Caravan break in winter

Posted by Paul on  January 10, 2018

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Winter time for hardy caravanners can be a great time for fun with the family. Imagine if you will waking up on winters morning and looking out on a snow-covered valley Generally speaking, modern touring caravans are well equipped and insulated for winter use because caravan manufacturers have been listening to customers who want the option of touring during all seasons of the year. Many UK campsites are open all year round, a winter caravanning

Christmas list of things to do during December

Posted by Paul on  December 8, 2017

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With the holiday period coming up, why not get into the festive mood with these activities that celebrate the true spirit of Christmas It is such a lovely time of year but it can soon pass you by in a whirl of shopping and festive gatherings and parties. You are never too old to have festive fun in December whether you have children or not. With Christmas coming up, here are my selections, guaranteed to

Digital security in the home

Posted by Paul on  November 22, 2017

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The rising popularity of smart phones is playing a role in the growth of home security systems. Now, security systems don’t just trip an alarm if an intruder comes through your door anymore, they enable homeowners to watch live streaming video of their homes, turn on lights and disarm the system – all from their smart phones. Smart phone integration and high-speed Internet connections will contribute significantly to the growth of security systems. By 2020,