Well it seems like Vodafone are going to be providing a 4G signal on the moon before they provide one in the Brecon area. Maybe they’re expecting more people on the moon than they are in Brecon in the next few years. Great news if you fancy a quiet walk in the hills and I guess you’re not going to want to be streaming video while you’re there. Also great news if you end up on the moon and fancy a bit of Netflix.

For everyone else, there’s the Kuma 4G kit – click here to have look. Connect 5 devices simultaneously to 1 sim card and use the 5-meter antenna to reach where other solutions simply can’t. Now comes with a 3 network sim with 200MB of data included so it works immediately – out of the box. Alternatively, you could get Space X to take you to the moon and use Vodafone’s kit. Up to you.

Meanwhile – below is a map of the Brecon area – I’m sure the moon map will follow shortly.